Background Investigations

Be informed of the background of your child’s babysitter, the person you entrust your elderly parents with, and new love interest, and more to our services. We will gather the facts about a person and provide it to you for you to decide if that person is a good fit for your needs. Our staff is able to access a full personal history for up to seven years in the past, including employment history, educational background, criminal history and more.

Hire us to discover the background information on potential significant others and others you are bringing into your home, life, or business. You will receive a full report once we have gathered all of the information.

Domestic and Insurance Fraud


Discover if your significant other is cheating with our help. We are also able to inform you of employees acting improperly in your absence. We provide video evidence and keep you engaged throughout the surveillance services.

Insurance fraud surveillance is also available. This service helps businesses determine the validity of injured employees' health care and disability claims as well as fraudulent activity, such as theft, within the company.

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